** How Many Edamame Beans can you Squeeze in 45 Seconds? **

Can't get enough of Edamame? Now you can have it with you anywhere you go! In this game, your Edamame eating skills will be challenged and your goal will be to squeeze out as many beans as possible within 45 seconds. In this time-attack game, compete with friends and share high scores via facebook, email and many more options to come!

Made for Edamame lovers, this game will you keep squeezing for hours and hours . . much like squeezing out of real Edamame soybean pods!

Amaze, share and compare your scores with friends and others via Facebook, Email and soon to be implemented Global Score Board!

Game includes:

- Time-Attack Mode (More gamemodes to come)
- 20+ Unique Edamame Beans
- 8+ Unique In-Game Backgrounds
- Unique Power-Ups and gameplay boosters
- Gorgeous Anime Style Graphics
- Innovative Squeeze Simulation control
- Facebook & Email Integration for Sharing Scores
- Soon to be implemented Global online scoreboard
- Animated Edamame Bean Squeezing Action!
- Unique Gameplay Sounds
- Retina Display support with high-resolution graphics for iPhone 4

Edamame, or green vegetable soybeans, are whole large soybeans which are harvested when the soybeans are still green and sweet tasting.

Edamame is high in protein and fiber and is sold in Asian and natural food stores, shelled or still in the pod.

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